MISSION 4: Control the heliport

Gabriel was born and raised in a laboratory.

He was not dissatisfied with his life so far, the operations and the administration of experimental drugs were sometimes painful but otherwise everything was very fun and stimulating.

Using the weapons was also a lot of fun.

Gabriel had already been used in two missions in an urban environment where he had distinguished himself for his physical abilities and for the ability to manage small problems independently.

This was his third mission, a simple thing: to defend a heliport he only had to patrol the perimeter and eliminate any threats, but this time it was different, this time it was the jungle.

His eyes looked at a place never seen but known.

The noises awakened memories of him not of him, as did the smells of him.

He often stopped to watch the leaves blowing in the wind on the treetops.

What are you doing Gorilla?

You wanna move, damn it?

Soldier Hans was prodding Gabriel’s mighty hips with his bayonet.

The Gorilla looks at the little man who screams and teases, grabs him, lifts him off the ground, weighs nothing. Two jolts and the spine breaks and the man doesn’t speak anymore. Around a great agitation, other men start shooting, but the gorilla’s skin is thick and not easy to hurt.

With a leap he reaches the first branch, and then another and then another.

The jungle welcomes him.

Items available to players:

1 crate
1 anti-tank

They can be placed anywhere, except in the yellow areas.


8 shifts or 2h

Special Rules:

Huts: “Quonset huts” rules apply (Core Manual, p. 134). Unlike what is described in the manual, it is possible for ONLY infantry units to access the huts. The huts are blind: they have only one opening for entry / exit (door) but no windows. The line of sight that can be drawn from inside the quonset hut towards the outside (and vice versa) is drawn from the door and has the same shape as a frontal fire arc.

Air support: If you occupy a hut at the end of a turn, you can request the intervention of the air support. If both huts are occupied, this skill can be used twice. The air support has the same weapon lines as the Thunder card: you can choose one or the other line (Heavy MG or Medium Rockets) but not both in the same attack. If you use the Medium Rockets, the “Volley” skill is not applied.

Victory conditions: If at the end of each round starting from the second one a player is the only one to have ground units in the red area, he controls the heliport and achieves a primary victory. Units with the ability “Mythos creature” and “Mindless zombie” are exceptions (unless the latter are part of a “Blutkreuz zombie schwarm platoon.” It is not possible to contest control of the helipad if not occupying at least one square with a ground unit.

If no player achieves a primary victory by the end of time / rounds, the player with the most Scenario Points (PS) at the end of time / rounds achieves a secondary victory. PS is equal to enemy weapon points destroyed + 10 VP per shed controlled.

VPs earned are equal to the sum of enemy APs destroyed.