MISSION 1: to recover supplies

The Gorilla with a few elegant moves collects the dew from the leaves by wetting his lips.

Markus these Americans make a hellish noise when they move through our jungle. They’re getting closer, are we going to crack his skull like a ripe walnut?

Says the young gorilla hopping on the spot in battle excitement.

The Leader places a hand on his shoulder

Calm down puppy … do you smell this scent? They are already dead and still don’t know it.

The USMC team advances silently through the thick jungle, they have to find some crates with approximate coordinates and are patrolling. When it starts raining lead in large quantities out of nowhere, they only have time to have the impression of seeing red hair there in the middle of the green.

Adelaide Battaglia empties all the magazine of her Heavy Shotgun against the American infantry by mowing them down in an instant.

Items available to players:

1 crate
1 anti-tank

They can be placed anywhere, except in the yellow areas.

Duration: 8 shifts or 2h

Special Rules:

Objs: The normal rules for contesting objsapply (the units adjacent to the objcontest the control of those who occupy them).
Infantry units on an objective are considered to be in cover.

Crates: Can be destroyed if:
– a land vehicle passing or stopping on the crate decides to destroy it;
– an infantry squad that occupies the square with the crate or is adjacent to a crate not occupied by an enemy unit performs an engineering action: a die is rolled at the cost of one action, and with the faction symbol the crate is destroyed.

Victory conditions: the crates give 1 Control Point (CP) in turn.
At the end of each round, the player who achieves at least 5 PCs gets a primary victory if the other player has less than 5 PCs. If neither player reaches this score, or if both players have PCs greater than or equal to 5, the game continues.
If no player achieves a primary victory by the end of time / rounds, the player with the most PCs at the end of time / rounds achieves a secondary victory. If the PCs are tied, the player who has destroyed the most enemy APs gets the secondary victory.
The PV obtained is equal to the sum of the enemy APs destroyed.