MISSION 3: recover the metal relics

A drop of sweat comes off her forehead, arches down to her cheek where she pulls it away with her hands stained with engine oil, leaving a black mustache that stands out against her blond hair and blue eyes. Rosie is fixing a walker by whistling a song as the battle rages around her. She fumbles with her wrench tightening the last two bolts then strokes the bodywork and feels the Vk engine vibrate like a purring cat. Two barrel on the metal and looking up she smiles at the pilot raising her index finger. Lieutenant Major Rosie Donovan’s motto is this: Do the job you like and do it well.

Items available to players:

1 crate
1 anti-tank

They can be placed anywhere, except in the yellow areas.

Duration: 8 shifts or 2h

Special Rules:

Objs: A ground unit that is on an objective at the end of the turn picks it up automatically. Once collected, an objective cannot be transferred to another unit. If a unit carrying a target is destroyed, the target falls in the same square previously occupied by the unit carrying it. A fallen target is automatically picked up by ground units that occupy the same square at the end of a turn. A land unit can pick up and carry just one objective at a time.

Victory conditions:
If a player holds at least 4 objectives at the end of any turn, starting with the second he gets a primary victory. Whoever holds the most objectives at the end of time / turns also gets a primary victory.

Otherwise, whoever gets the most Scenario Points (PS) at the end of time / turns gets a secondary victory.
PS is equal to the sum of APs destroyed plus 10 PS for each target held.

VPs earned are equal to the sum of enemy APs destroyed.