MISSION 3: Scour the camp!

Sughiama Terauchi Marshal of the Imperial Japanese Navy did not sweat at all in the suffocating and cramped cockpit of the Railgun-armed Tengu. Sipping water from his flask, the East Asian Great War veteran had no doubts, Japan would soon win. Indeed, he was amazed at how Westerners had not already intuited and accepted the supremacy of the IJN, but on the other hand, what could a Westerner of the Great War ever understand?

It was certain that the United States Marine Corps was proving tenacious and annoying but nothing would ever break the supremacy of the Japanese Army.

They were manning a jungle camp, four huts considered a sensitive target after decrypting enemy radar transmissions.

From the depths of the jungle, 106 mm shells spewed by the Recoiless Guns of a USMC Barking Dog began to rain, shells that pierced the armor of a Gembu causing severe damage.

The long awaited moment had come, now Marshal Sughiama Terauchi would have the opportunity to prove the truth of his beliefs or die doing it.

Items available to players:

1 crate
1 anti-tank

They can be placed anywhere, except in the squares marked in yellow.

Duration: 8 shifts or 2h

Special Rules:

Huts: “Quonset huts” rules apply (Core Manual, p. 134). Unlike what is described in the manual, it is possible for ONLY infantry units to access the huts. The huts are blind: they have only one opening for entrance / exit (door) but no window. The line of sight that can be traced from inside the quonset hut to the outside (and vice versa) is drawn from the door and has the same shape as a frontal firing arc.

Area with old mines: When a unit crosses a square with “old mines” roll a dice. If the result is crosshair has detonated mines. The normal minefield rules (p. 134) apply to determining damage. A possible one explosion DOES NOT clear the minefield: each unit that crosses one of the minefields repeats the check. It’s possible