MISSION 2: Conquer the village

Suddenly the jungle opens up to make way for a small village, in which the forces of the SSU are perched precariously.

Simo Häyyä was there in a low trench four hundred meters away waiting for them in total silence, in total stillness only the sighting eye that moves to furrow the view to look for the Target.

The White Death, the finest Finnish sniper was made to arrive on a special flight and put to wait in a hole in the middle of the jungle.

542 confirmed SSU targets but He estimates he has hit more than 800. Practice leads to perfection.

The sweltering heat doesn’t matter.

The reduced view does not matter.

It doesn’t matter if you are thirsty or hungry.

Insects don’t matter.

Only the target matters.

Immobile awaits the moment and the moment arrives.

The Commissar is hit in the chest and thrown into the air, the lifeless body makes a small parable and then lands sprawled, his soldiers are amazed and confused do not understand what happened.

Simo finally moves a long march awaits him to reach the recovery coordinates, in a few seconds the Allies will cover his escape with an air attack.

Items available to players:

1 crate
1 anti-tank

They can be placed anywhere, except in the yellow areas.

Duration: 8 shifts or 2h

Special Rules:

Objs: the huts are controlled when an infantry unit occupies the hut (there are no disputes)

Huts: “Quonset huts” rules apply (Core Manual, p. 134). Unlike what is described in the manual, it is possible for ONLY infantry units to access the huts. The huts are blind: they have only one opening for entry / exit (door) but no windows. The line of sight that can be drawn from inside the quonset hut towards the outside (and vice versa) is drawn from the door and has the same shape as a frontal fire arc.

Victory conditions.

Primary Victory: At the end of time (or at the end of the opponent’s units) the player who controls both huts wins
Secondary Victory: If no player achieves a primary victory by the end of time / rounds, the secondary victory is the one who destroyed the most APs.

VPs earned are equal to the sum of enemy APs destroyed.